Schedule your annual water well checkup

Southwest District Health reminds private well owners the importance of testing their private well water annually to ensure safe drinking water. In Idaho, nearly 95 percent of the population depends on ground water for their drinking source, primarily through private wells.

“Water from private wells is not monitored, tested, or regulated by any public entity so ultimately, the responsibility to protect your family from potentially dangerous contaminants rests with you, the private well owner,” David Loper, director of environmental health services for SWDH said.

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Have Your Home Inspected to Make Sure Air Doesn’t Cause Headaches

(NewsUSA) – Homeowners often assume that their homes are healthy — but indoor spaces can be more heavily polluted than the air outside.

Poor indoor air quality can seriously impact health. Many chemicals, including formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are often found in homes and offices, can contaminate indoor air, leading to allergic reactions or chronic illness in certain individuals.

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